Ukraine, World War III and Pope Francis’ roadmap for the church

In America magazine, the U.S. periodical published by the Jesuits, there is an article by Father Tomáš Halík, “Ukraine, World War III and Pope Francis’ roadmap for the church.” Halík is a professor of sociology at Charles University, Prague.

The article has an interesting thesis and worth the time reading. However, the author’s note of Pope Francis’ contribution lacks. Not because of the author but because of the Pope.

One take-away:

“If the West is now unwilling or unable to help Ukraine sufficiently to stop Russian aggression and defend its national independence, if the West sacrifices Ukraine on the basis of the false illusion that this will save world peace—as happened in the case of Czechoslovakia on the threshold of World War II—then this will be an encouragement not only for further Russian expansion, but for all dictators and aggressors around the world.”