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The Divine Liturgy

The Typikon (the liturgical guide) for the daily Divine Liturgy. This is an essential resource for effectively praying and studying the liturgical prayer of the Byzantine Catholic Church. The Typikon is edited by Father Taras Chaparin and published monthly in the eparchial newspaper, The Sower.

Adult Faith Formation

Online Faith Formation classes – Open to All!

God With Us Online is an adult faith formation initiative of all the Eastern Catholic Eparchies in the USA seeking to deepen our knowledge and love of the Faith.  As such the webinars offered are meant to address the interests, hopes, aspirations and questions of the ordinary person in the pew. Enjoy God With Us Online! All the courses are completely free!

Information about Byzantine Catholic Faith

The Catholic Church

Eastern Christian Educational Institutes

Research Institutes

Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University –Founded in June 1973, the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University (commonly known as HURI) serves as a focal point for graduate and undergraduate students, fellows, and associates pursuing research in Ukrainian language, literature, and history as well as in anthropology, archaeology, art history, economics, political science, sociology, theology, and other disciplines.

Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies –Founded in 1976, the CIUS helps to foster, develop, and support Ukrainian studies in Canada and internationally. This is done in part by offering or administering postdoctoral fellowships, graduate fellowships (to master’s and doctoral students), and scholarships to undergraduate students. Grants are also awarded to established scholars to support research work that would lead to publications or dissemination of results in other forms.

Consecrated Life –Eastern Catholic Monasteries

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