Divine Liturgy for the coming week

Christ is risen!

Sunday, 5/23, Pentecost —Lytija and Blessing of Bread
9:00 a.m. For the people of the parish —Moleben to the Mother of God and Anointing
10:30 a.m. +Ihor Pacatujko requested Emilia Iwaniw —Moleben

Epistle: Acts 2:1-11
Gospel: John 7:37-52; 8:12, Tone 7

Monday, 5/24, Pentecost Monday
9:00 a.m. +Maria Begej (Pan.) requested by Irene Morgan

Tuesday, 5/25, 3rd Finding of the Head of John
9:00 a.m. +Evhenia Dobcznsky (Pan.) requested by the Melnyk family

Wednesday, 5/26, Holy Apostle Carpus
9:00 a.m. +Kataryna Hrycychyn (Pan.) requested by Emilia Iwaniw

Thursday, 5/27, Holy Bishop Martyr Therapont
9:00 a.m. No intention for the Divine Liturgy

Friday, 5/28, Holy Bishop Nicetas
9:00 a.m. +Olena Godenciuc (Pan.)

Saturday, 5/29, Our Venerable Martyr Theodisia
9:00 a.m. God’s blessing and health for Myron and Alexis requested by Anastasia Gali

Sunday, 5/30, Sunday of All Saints — Moleben to the Mother of God
9:00 a.m. Rosemary and Michael Waselik requested by the Family
10:30 a.m. For the people of the parish —Moleben to the Mother of God

Epistle: Hebrews 11:32-12:2a
Gospel: Matthew 10:32-33, 37-38 and 19:27-30, Tone 8