UPDATE note on the Ukrainian Relief Project New Haven, August 3, 2022

The Ukrainian American Veterans Post 33, New Haven and the St Michael Humanitarian Relief Fund have been closely collaborating to provide medical supplies for Ukraine’s military.

We are now systematically refocusing our efforts to DIRECTLY address the immediate  medical needs  of those wounded on the front lines of combat . We aim to provide high quality supplies directly to those medics and soldiers on the front lines  in an all out effort to save lives.

To do this we are working closely with Father Roman Manuluk and his parish outside of Lviv, Ukraine. Father Roman coordinates with the Vynnyky Veterans Hospital and its director Doctor Maxym Prykupenko to receive and distribute our supplies to where they are needed most throughout Ukraine . We know and trust both Father Roman (he is a relative of one of our parishioners) and Doctor Prykupenko  personally and have worked with them throughout to guarantee that our assistance gets to those places that need it.