New Byzantine Catholic monastery in the USA

From the UGCC Eparchy of St. Nicholas – Chicago:

I am writing to share with you exciting news that five sisters from Ukraine are finally arriving to the USA on July 12th, 2021. Please welcome s. Yefrosynia, s. Varvara, s. Fevronia, s. Makryna, s. Olympia!

Two years ago, St. Nicholas Eparchy purchased 4 acres of land in Richmond, IL with a church and community center attached to it, and a separate five-bedroom house. This is going to be our new Monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God and a new home for our sisters.
The sisters are happy to invite everyone who want to deepen their faith through individual and community prayer. Their goal is to restore the Eastern monastic tradition and serve as a spiritual center and shrine for all visitors. Additionally, the sisters are experienced in working with youth, children, and young adults, and therefore, will be helping the Eparchy in its catechesis efforts.

I also want to mention that our sisters are blessed with many talents – they sing wonderfully, stage exceptional verteps, make beautiful vestments for clergy and do beekeeping. To introduce themselves and learn more about the Eparchy and Eparchial community as well as to share their monastic experience and plans for the future, the sisters will be visiting Chicago area parishes throughout July-August 2021.

Yours in Christ,
Bishop Benedict