Volunteers needed tonight (Feb. 7)

We will be meeting tonight (Feb. 7) from 5-7 pm to continue the work of packing and cataloguing the what goes in the boxes. Our challenge will be to check and tag the many pieces of durable medical equipment located both in the church hall and basement in preparation for Saturday’s trailer packing event (February 11th @ 8am)!

Depending on our achievements tonight, there may be a need for additional help this coming Thursday evening.

Yesterday, the volunteers found additional medical supplies which will also need to be packed.

The following are the current needs:

1. Dried, high protein souls and breakfast oatmeal. Stuff that you can add hot water, mix and eat. There’s a lot of nutritious foods available that are dried. Look for a good amount of protein.
2. NEW Mens underwear, tee shirts, and tube socks. NEW Men’s pajamas.
3. Diapers for children and for adults. Lots of wounded people.
4. For the wounded: sterile gauze, nitrile gloves, AND stuff that make up a first aid kit.

NEW online platform for donations: https://app.autobooks.co/pay/nhct-ua-ha-fund