Parish Celebrates its patron saint

Today, our parish celebrated the feast day of St Michael the Archangel and All the Angels. We do this to keep in front of us the spiritual reality of St Michael and what he means to the Church –that is, to all of us– on a personal level.
St Michael the Archangel’s feast day is November 8.
St Michael is one of the named 4 named archangels in God’s heavenly court who protects us from evil, gives hope, and keeps us in the objective truth. Angels are pure spirits; angels don’t have bodies regardless what Hallmark and some artists say. As the name “angel” means, “messenger,” the angels govern creation by keeping order, and do God’s will. Hence, we believe this fundamental fact: angels are deployed by God to do supernatural things –they are heavenly beings; God’s messengers, working for Him and they work for the ultimate benefit of mankind. Angels are given to us for our benefit. Therefore, we pray for their help, and celebrate theeir presence. That’s why we gathered today to pray the Divine Liturgy and had a beautiful festive meal with our parish family.
The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Father Iura who also preached in Ukrainian, Father Stepan, Father Al, and Father Jordan, OP, who preached in English.
Our food, the table set-up and clean-up was done by many good and devoted people.
Here are some action pics.