UPDATE note on the Ukrainian Relief Project New Haven, August 3, 2022

We currently have two initiatives:

1. We are purchasing and sending immediate life-saving items:

Tourniquets, blood clotting powders and blood clotting bandages. These three items are top EMT quality and are sourced from a distributor in Old Saybrook, CT. Purchasing this way ( and at a substantial discount ) we can verify the quality of the materials and respond to the precise needs as specified by physicians and medics on Ukraine’s front lines.

Please don’t try to purchase these items on your own. The exact items needed are not readily available. 

2. We are working personally with the Chief of Police in Kyiv to retrofit (repair and to make more suitable for war conditions) a vehicle for transporting wounded soldiers.  Recent events in Ukraine have shown that the American and European-made ambulances have been targeted and destroyed by Russian forces. Our retrofitting of common transport vehicles is a much safer and much more economical approach to transporting wounded soldiers .