A summary of our charitable work

Here is a summary of our charitable work for the Ukrainian Relief Project New Haven.

It is important to keep a Christian perspective according to the mind of Jesus: “Truly, I say to you, as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me” (Matthew 25: 45). Indeed, our work for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters can only make sense from the point of view service: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty, providing medications to the sick, binding and cleaning the wounds of the attacked, and welcoming the stranger.

You may be aware that the Hebrew Torah instructs 36 times to care for the stranger — far more than it commands to observe the Sabbath or any other law.

Likewise, there may be awareness the Islam teaches: “Your Lord is sure to give you so much that you will be well satisfied. Did He not find you an orphan and shelter you? Did He not find you lost and guide you? Did He not find you in need and make you self-sufficient? So do not be harsh with the orphan and do not chide the one who asks for help; talk about the blessings of your Lord” (Q.93:6-11).

Ultimately, our work of charity for Ukrainian is based on the dignity of responding to the human need. Our humanity is moved to serve and to have concern for the other person. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting in the First day of March, we have accomplished the following:

  • shipped 1,166 cartons with an approximate weight of 22,700 pounds
  • boxed up and ready to go approximate 750 more cartons packed with an approximate weight of 18,500 pounds
  • approximate 4,500 pounds of assorted materials in process to be packed into approximate 150 cartons in process partially filled

Thus far, our parishioners and friends have sent to Ukraine 45,700 pounds –2,066 pieces

The critical items (medical supplies) went by air in pods at a cost of $ 2.30 per pound and the balance was containerized and went by sea.

We are receiving more donations of materials on a daily basis.

We are continuing our collection efforts and need medical supplies, new clothes, winter coats etc and financial donations to pay for the shipping.