Parish announcements

Christ is among us!

This week vigil light is offered to God’s glory by Katia and Andrew Bamber in memory of Wasylyna Yukash.

Every Sunday you can watch the Divine Liturgy live streamed on our parish Facebook page and parish website at 9:00 a.m. in English and 10:30 a.m. in Ukrainian.

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Dear Parishioners please close your phones during the Divine Liturgy. Your phones make our stream live difficult. Thank you!

Dear Parishioners: if anyone needs help such as going to the store to buy groceries, going to a doctor’s appointment or the pharmacy, or any other type of special assistance, you may contact the rectory at (203) 865-0388 and arrangements will be made to help you.

We are asking for volunteers to come and paint the front and back entrance to our rental building at 573 George St. If anyone would like to volunteer for this project, please contact Fr. Iura Godenciuc, either in person or you may call the rectory at (203) 865-0388. Thank You.

REMINDER: Please don’t forget to donate for Diocesan Charitable Fund. The forms are designed for each family of our parish. Attached to the form is an envelope into which you can place your contribution. The form along with your contribution, we ask you enclose in the envelope and place it in the collection basket during church services. Please make check payable to the BYZANTINE RITE DIOCESE OF STAMFORD. DO NOT MAIL THIS FORM TO THE CHANCERY OFFICE. We sincerely ask all parishioners to make generous contributions.

Adult Faith Formation

The first Sunday of July is designated for the feast of the Mother of Perpetual Help.

In the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, the Child Jesus is not portrayed with the physical proportions of an infant, but appears almost as an adult in miniature form.  This has been interpreted to indicate that He is God, having infinite knowledge. Yet He is human as well, for He clings to His Mother’s hand in fear, while gazing up toward the angel over His shoulder.  One of His sandals has come loose, indicating the haste with which He has run to her.  Why is the Child Jesus so frightened?  The angels in the picture are holding the instruments of His Passion and death, with the angel on the left bearing the gall, the lance and the reed, while the angel on the right holds the cross and nails.

The face of Our Lady is grave and sorrowful, with her large eyes directed not at Jesus, but at us.  Her gaze makes us a part of the picture and the pain it portrays.  “Will you not love my Son, Who has loved you so much?” she seems to say.  Our Lady is clothed in the colors of royalty; her tunic is of dark red and her mantle is dark blue with a green lining.  The Child Jesus also wears the colors of royalty.  Both Jesus and Mary have golden halos, but Christ’s halo is decorated with a cross as a sign of His Divinity.  The Greek initials next to the head of Our Lady (MP OV) identify her as “Mother of God,” while those next to the Child (IC XC) are the abbreviation for “Jesus Christ.”  The letters over the angel’s heads indicate the one on the left as St. Michael and the one on the right as St. Gabriel.  The 8-pointed star on Our Lady’s veil tells us that she is the Star of the Sea, the Star that leads us to Jesus.  Mary’s mouth is small to indicate her spirit of silence and prayer.  Her eyes are large, for they see all of our troubles and needs, and they are always turned to us.  Christ’s hands, turned palms down into His Mother’s, indicate that He has placed the graces of Redemption in her keeping.  Our Lady’s hand does not clasp those of her Son, but remains open, inviting us to put our hands in hers along with those of Jesus.