Divine Liturgy for the coming week

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Sunday, 7/01/18 6th Sunday after Pentecost  —The Holy Unmercenaries and Wonderworkers Cosmas and Damian

9:00 a.m. +Rosemary and Michael Waselik requested by the Family
10:30 a.m. For the people of the parish

Epistle: Romans 12:6-14
Gospel: Matthew 9:1-8, Tone 5

Monday, 7/02/18 —The Placing of the Precious Robe of Our Most Holy Lady and the Mother of God in the Church at Blachernae in Constantinople

9:00 a.m. God’s blessing and health for Stefaniya and her family requested by Stefaniya Tsitaridis

Tuesday, 7/03/18 —The Holy Martyr Hyacinth

9:00 a.m. +Ivan and Halyna Lobay (Pan.) requested by Maria Lobay

Wednesday, 7/04/18 —Independence Day of the USA and Our Father Andrew of Jerusalemite, Archbishop of Crete

Thursday, 7/05/18 —Our Venerable Father Athanasius of Athos

Friday, 7/06/18 —Our Venerable Father Sisoes the Great

Saturday, 7/07/18 —Our Venerable Father Thomas of Maleum and Acacius mentioned in the Ladder of Divine Ascent

Sunday, 7/08/18 7th Sunday after Pentecost —The Holy Great Martyr Procopius

9:00 a.m. Special Intention
10:30 a.m. For the people of the parish

Epistle: Romans 15:1-7
Gospel: Matthew 9:27-35, Tone 6