2021 Connecticut Ukrainian Day Festival

Bishop Paul Chomnycky and the CT State Ukrainian Day Committee announce the 53rd annual CT State Ukrainian Day Festival will be held on Sunday, September 12, 2021, at St. Basil’s Seminary in Stamford, CT. Please save the date!

On Tuesday, June 22, at 8 PM, the Festival Committee will meet virtually to plan this annual event. We are inviting anyone who would like to be on the planning committee to join this meeting. New people and new ideas are always welcome.

To receive an invitation to this Zoom meeting, please email General Chairman Roman Stanislavskyy at roman.stanislavskyy@eversourse.com

OR Corresponding Secretary Gloria Horbaty at gphorbaty@hotmail.com or 203-269-5909. The invite includes computer and phone connection.

Volunteers needed for Ukrainian Day

Christ is in our midst!

Volunteers are needed for the Ukrainian Day on Sunday at St. Basil’s Seminary.

The Committee will submit letters for students for Community Hours. Please call Gloria Horbaty to volunteer or for information 203-269-5909/cell 203-508-0306.

The committee is in need of help in the following areas:

Outside Serving Area:  12:30 – 2:30   (need 4)

Cashiers – Outside Kitchen Area:  12:00 – 2:00;   2:00 – 3:30;   3:30 – 5:00,   5:00 – 6:30  (need 2 each hour)

Beer Stand:   11:30 – 2:00;   2:00 – 3:30;   3:30 – 5:00;   5:00 – 6:30  (need 2 each hour)

Raffle Stand:  after 1:00 (one hour shifts)

Parish announcements this week

Christ is in our midst!

This week’s vigil light is offered to God’s glory by Cathy Kolesnik for God’s blessings and health for Barbara and Patrick Bagley.

During my vacation, you can call Fr. Stepan Yanovski (203) 468-0367, or Fr. Ivan Mazuryk (203) 367-5054. Blessings, Fr. Iura Godenciuc

Today, August 25, we will be having a ceremony in observance of the 28th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence. This will take place after the 2nd Divine Liturgy beside the statue of the Blessed Virgin. Coffee and cake will be served in the church hall after the ceremony.

We have for sale frozen pierogies (varenyky) 2 dozen $14.00, borsht $5.00, cabbage and sausage (kapusta and kovbasa) $10.00. You can buy after each Divine Liturgy.