Knights of Columbus called to serve parish

kofc-logoAt each meeting, in addition to discussing business and making plans, we hear a spiritual talk by the chaplain, our pastor. This is in response to Supreme Knight Carl Anderson’s desire that members be well informed and well-formed in the faith. It also comports well with His Beatitude’s desire to see more of a focus on the Word of God in the “vibrant parish.” 

At the end of each meeting, there is an opportunity for members to bring up their own needs or the needs of others. Let’s say someone is out of work, or someone knows of an elderly parishioner who needs a ride to Sunday Liturgy—or whatever the need may be. We pray for them, and we learn about opportunities to help.

I would suggest that this is very much in line with the Patriarch’s call for diakonia, or service, in the vibrant parish.

His Beatitude also writes that a parish must have well-formed and mature co-workers who assist the priest in leading catechetical schools, church brotherhoods, charitable works, youth organizations and prayer groups. The K of C certainly qualify in two of those categories—church brotherhoods and charitable works–and might be useful in the others areas as well.

It is the pastor who has a bird’s eye view, so to speak–who knows where many of the needs are among his flock and how best his parish can respond to the Lord’s call to evangelize. The Knights do not wish to take over or diminish the good and necessary contributions of any other individual or group in the parish. But, at the pastor’s bidding, we come to serve.