Update on food collection and donation

The parishioners of St Michael the Archangel Church have generously donated food items for those in need. A good amount has been donated over the past few months for which we are grateful. This we can say this is a collaboration in the outreach to our brothers and sisters in New Haven.

The food items have been donated to Social Justice ministries at St Mary’s and to Amistad Catholic Worker House both in New Haven. We will continue this fruitful collaboration with these Catholic groups in the Elm City.

May God reward with eternal life for your generosity.

Light from the East

The Catholic World Report ran this story on Patriarch Sviatoslav the other day.

“Ten years ago last month, the Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church took a striking decision: it elected its youngest member, 40-year old Bishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, as leader of the largest of the eastern Catholic Churches, a choice confirmed by Pope Benedict XVI, writes George Weigel. He has more than ably filled very large shoes.”

The article “Light from the East.”

Mykola Bychok ordained bishop


Vladyka Mykola (Bychok), the newest bishop of the UGCC consecrated today on the Feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit to be Bishop of the Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand.

May God grant many years.

Keeping parish on mission and budget

Dear Parishioners of St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church:

It is apparent that parishioners will not be able to attend the Divine Liturgies in our church at least until April 30. Realizing that this is a very extraordinary and difficult time in all aspects of our life today, we humbly ask for your continued financial support by mailing in your donations until such time that the physical presence of our parishioners in church is restored. These weekly donations are the main source of income for our parish and are needed to meet our mission and our budget. Thank you for your generosity.

Please be so kind as to place your donation into your weekly donation envelope and enclose that into an envelope addressed to:

St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church
569 George Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Let us pray for the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary so that she may cover the whole world with her Spiritual Veil and guide us through this turbulent time.  And please be assured of my continued prayers for the spiritual needs of all our parishioners.

Very truly yours in Christ,

Fr. Iura Godenciuc

Need food or groceries?

For those parishioners in need of food or other groceries, Father Iura is offering to purchase. We are looking to respond to this need for our parish elderly and shut-ins need.

If you are need, or are able to assist Father, please call 203-865-0388.

“Whatever you did for one of these least ones of mine, you did for me.” (Jesus Christ)

American Melkite Appointed New Secretary at Vatican

VATICAN – Holy Father Francis has appointed Bishop George Demetrio Gallaro as the new Secretary of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches. Published on Tuesday February 25, 2020, at noon Italian time in the Sala Stampa, the former Bishop of the Eparchy of Piana degli Albanesi di Sicilia was appointed to the rank of titular Archbishop as well.

George Demetrio Gallaro was born on January 16, 1948 in Sizilien Pozzallo, Italy. After his seminarian studies at the seminary of Noto, he moved to the United States and was ordained a priest in 1972 in Los Angeles. He worked as a parish priest in various parishes of the Eastern Rite in the United States, and in 1987 he was incardinated in the Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy of Newton.

Archbishop Gallaro taught Canon Law at the Melkite Seminary in Massachusetts and he also served as a professor of Canon Law at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Pittsburgh, PA. On March 31, 2015 he was named by Pope Francis as a bishop of the Italo-Albanian Eparchy of Piana degli Albanesi. He was consecrated a bishop on June 28 by the bishop of Lungro Donato Oliverio as principal consecrator, and the bishops Dimitrios Salachas and Nicholas James Samra as co-consecrators.


Ad Limina Apostolorum 2020

A 3 minute video on the US Eastern Bishops making the Ad Limina Apostolorum this week.

Be familiar with a venerable tradition of the church of bishops praying at the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul, meeting with the successor of Saint Peter and meeting with the heads of the important offices at the Holy See and the Vatican.

US Ukrainian bishops on Pilgrimage to Rome 2020

The Eastern Catholic Bishops in the USA have been in Rome this week for their every 5 year pilgrimage to the Shrines of Saints Peter and Paul, meetings with the various offices at the Holy See and a meeting with the Pope.
Today, the bishops met with Pope Francis.
In the picture you’ll see the U.S. Ukrainian bishops and two priests.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020

As we celebrate both the mystery of baptism and the search for Christian unity through dialogue, we see the unity of the two in the sacramental mystery of our baptism: “The fact that our churches share and practice this same faith and teaching requires that we recognize in each other the same baptism and thus also recognize in each other, however “imperfectly,” the present reality of the same Church. By God’s gift we are each, in St. Basil’s words, “of the Church.” (Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation, “Baptism and ‘Sacramental Economy’: An Agreed Statement, 1999). Ecumenism is the search for unity among all Christians. Unity must be established on truth, but we know that God is Truth (John 14:6).

The Truth that is God, we as human beings must state in human words. No human word can grasp the whole truth that is the Word. There are many different words and formularies, and even that which is certainly true can be expressed in different ways. Even very basically, that which was expressed in Greek, must for most of us be translated into English words! To express the truth requires hard work, understanding and discernment. The way of ecumenism is through dialogue, to strive to see in our limited human formularies what is the unchanging truth and what is not genuine. We see this especially in the dialogues between Catholics and the Oriental Orthodox Church, and also between the Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox Churches, where the differences in formulary have been recognized to be semantic and not essential.

The opposition to ecumenism, however, is fundamentalism. Fundamentalism rises from an underlying human need to be certain of one’s own self-righteousness. How I believe is right and everyone else is wrong. Deep-seated fundamentalism leads eventually to intolerance, ideology imposed on people, hatred and eventually violence. The world today is soaked through with hatred ideology and violence, with the dehumanization of “the other.” It is not a good atmosphere for the gospel of ecumenism. But as St. Paul said, “Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and teaching” (2 Timothy 4:2). If two people disagree, but have a good heart, they can find the common truth through dialogue. Sometimes we point to history as the taking of a strong stand, of condemning those who have the wrong “formularies,” as the righteous rejection of “heresies.”

The reality, however, is that there has always also been dialogue. Andrew Louth pointed out in a recent article (“Pseudonymity and Secret Tradition in Early Christianity: Some Reflections on the Development of Mariology,” St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly 60:4, 2016, p. 431) that “[Evagrius] was, in fact, so very much valued for his practical teaching that, even smeared with the brush of heresy, works ascribed to Evagrius himself survive in the manuscript tradition; many, however, found a safe haven under the name of Neilos … “We can learn from one another! Unity is always possible! But if hearts are closed, they will bring more division and even violence. We must shut out the noise and clamor of hatred, pride and self-righteousness, to hear the “still, small voice” of God like Elijah on the mountain (1 Kings 19:12).