29th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence

The Ukrainian nation and those who live in other countries are celebrating the 29th anniversary of independence. No doubt the past several years have given every sector of society something to think about in terms of the meaning of freedom, being a protagonist in one’s own history, the economy, religious freedom, politics, etc. Key to our Christian witness is knowing the reality in which we live and to evaluate reality from within the context of the Gospel. Let’s pray fervently to the Lord through the intercession of Mary, His Mother, the Pokrova for Ukraine.

O LORD JESUS CHRIST OUR GOD: Accept from us, Thine unworthy servants, this fervent supplication, and having forgiven us all our sins, remember all our enemies that hate and wrong us, and render not unto them according to their deeds, but according to Thy great mercy convert them:

The unbelieving to true faith and piety, and the believing that they may turn away from evil and do good.

By Thine all-powerful might, mercifully deliver all of us, Thy holy Church and our Nation from every evil circumstance.

Free our homeland, from all enemies, both visible and invisible and their power; Hearken unto the painful cry of Thy faithful servants who cry unto Thee day and night in tribulation and sorrow, O our most merciful God, and lead their life out of corruption.

Grant peace and tranquility, love and steadfastness, and swift reconciliation to Thy people, whom Thou hast redeemed by Thy precious Blood. But unto them that have departed from Thee and seek Thee not, be Thou manifest, that not one of them perish, but that all of them be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth; that all in harmonious oneness of mind and unceasing love may glorify Thy most holy name, O patient-hearted Lord Who art quick to forgive.

O Physician of souls and bodies, with compunction and contrite hearts we fall down before Thee and groaning we cry unto Thee:

Heal the injuries and sicknesses, heal the passions of the souls and bodies of all those who have been injured or are perishing from attacks of lawless ones.

Pardon the injured, for Thou art kind-hearted, all transgressions, voluntary and involuntary, and quickly raise them up from their bed of sickness, we pray Thee, hearken and have mercy.

Again we pray that Ukraine be preserved from famine, pestilence, earthquake, flood, fire, the sword, the attack of enemies, and civil war; that our good and man loving God may be merciful a favorable to those who are still trapped in the destroyed buildings and that He assist those who are attempting to rescue them.