Parish announcements this week

Christ is in our midst!

This week the vigil light is offered to God’s glory in memory of all deceased of Waselik family. by members of the family.

The Divine Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts (compiled by St Gregory the Great) will be celebrated on Friday, April 5 at 7:00 p.m. Please come and join in this beautiful tradition of our Church.

Sestrechi will next meet on Sunday, April 7, after the 9:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy. The meeting will be held in the church hall Classroom 1.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday, April 8, at 6:00 p.m. in the Holy Name Room. All council members, organization representatives and interested parishioners are invited.

The next meeting of Knights of Columbus Blessed Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Ukrainian Council will be held on Monday, April 8, 7:00 p.m. in the Holy Name Room. All men of the parish are invited to attend.

The traditional Easter parish “SVIACHENE” will be held on May 5, following the Divine Liturgy. We will celebrate only one (1) Divine Liturgy at 10:30 a.m. We will be running a raffle. If you would like to donate any items to be raffled, please bring them to our church hall on Sundays before our “Sviachene” or on Sunday, May 5. Tickets are $25.00 for adults, $10.00 for youth from 12 to 18. Free for altar boys, and under 12. Also, we ask you to donate homemade cakes for desert. We trust that all parishioners will join this parish gathering and through their presence attest to cherishing in our hearts a love for one another which builds our parish family.

Our next PYROHY PROJECT will be Saturday, April 13. We need your help on Friday to peel potatoes and especially on Saturday to make pyrohy (varynyky). Please come and help. See Walter Ushchak for more information.

The Knights of Columbus Have available for sale a freshly cooked batch of 2 1/4 lb. secret, tasty recipe Kovbasa and Cabbage meals for $10.00 each or a 2 lb. vegetable only mix for just $6.00. These meals may be purchased in the church hall, please see Walter Ushchak

Knights of Columbus raffle tickets are being sold in the church hall after each Divine Liturgy. 1st Prize is $ 5,000.00!!! The tickets are $10.00 each. Please see Michael or Mary Muryn to purchase your tickets.

The annual Pysanka Demonstration and Workshop will be held on Sunday, March 31, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the church hall. This is wonderful opportunity to carry on an old tradition. Bring your family-children and grand-children. There is no charge for parish youth or students of Ridna Shkola.

St Michael the Archangel and all holy angels

st-michaelToday, is the feast day of St Michael the Archangel, and all holy angels according to the Byzantine liturgical calendar (as a point of comparison, the Latin Church in her Novus Ordo liturgy, honors St Michael on September 29).

“Angels, archangels, thrones, dominions, principalities, virtues, powers, and the many-eyed cherubim praise you. You are surrounded by the six-winged seraphim; two wings cover their face, two their feet, and with two they fly, and they call one to another with never-ending and never-silent hymns of praise.” [Liturgy of St. Basil the Great]

“Princes of the heavenly hosts, we, though unworthy, beg you to encircle us through your prayers under the shelter of the wings of your spiritual glory. Guard us as we come to you and sincerely cry: Deliver us from dangers, O princes of the powers on high!”


The Church’s teaching on St. Michael is that he is the leader of the good angels, thus holding the title of “Archangel.” Angels are non-corporeal beings created by God. As spirits without bodies they’re invisible to the human eye. By definition, angels bring to us messages because this is one of the ways God communicates with us. Additionally, the “messengers of God” are the guardians of human persons, and their work is to be constantly singing the praise to God.

One commentator said, “God out of love created the angels and wanted to test them if they too really loved Him. God gave them a command to follow. The good angels readily and gladly obeyed. But some refused to obey and were cast out of heaven to live no longer with Him. Suffering and torment were theirs. The bad angels, also called ‘evil spirits, demons, or devils,’ tempt us, the children of God, to do evil – not listen to God nor to do the good God calls us to do.”