Sunday after Christmas

Today we the Church “celebrate the memory of three particular saints who are closely related to our Lord, David the King, Joseph the Betrothed, and James the Brother of the Lord.

The prophet and King David is the source of the royal line of the Hebrews from which both the Virgin Mary and the righteous Joseph were descended. Because of this lineage, Jesus Christ could properly be called, “King of the Jews” for in the flesh, He is of royal lineage. Of course, because He is also God, the maker and ruler of all creation and was therefore not only King of the Jews but King of all that is.

James, the Brother of the Lord, was the first bishop of the Church in Jerusalem. He presided over the first apostolic council and was finally martyred for his confession of Jesus Christ.

Joseph, the betrothed of the Virgin Mary, was chosen by God to be the guardian of Jesus Christ and his holy Mother, a task which he performed with great humility and diligence.

(St Nicholas parish, Victoria)