Holodomor Memorial Service 2019

Today, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC held the Holodomor Memorial Service.

As Deacon Thomas Stadnik said, “The Service was held to commemorate the 86th anniversary of the Genocide of Ukrainian People by artificially imposed Famine during 1932 and 1933 at the command of the merciless Satanic sociopath and mass murderer Josef Stalin. After imposing a collective farming program, Soviet authorities confiscated all food and beverages and all livestock from vast stretches of Ukraine, leaving people literally to starve to death, while the facts of these events were covered up and denied by Stalin and his henchmen. Whole extended families died out in this horrid genocidal famine. Today we pray for all who died, especially those who have no one left alive to pray for them, and for those few who did survive and live with the terrible memory of that experience.

For those who have not heard of the Holodomor before, it is recommended that you see the recently released movie “Mr Jones”, about the Irish journalist Gareth Jones who visited Ukraine at that time and documented this horror.

The bishops of the Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox communities presided.

Picture by Jennifer Stadnik