Cheesefare Sunday Liturgy and Luncheon

Christ is in our midst!

As a reminder, tomorrow, Cheesefare Sunday, March 3, there will be only one (1) Divine Liturgy in English and Ukrainian at 10:30 a.m.

This Sunday is known by three titles:

1 – Cheesefare Sunday because it is the last day that we eat dairy until Holy Pascha
2 – Forgiveness Sunday because the Church celebrates Forgiveness Vespers, asking for mutual forgiveness as we enter upon the journey of Great Lent.
3 – Sunday of the Casting out of Adam and Eve because during the Holy Season of Great Lent we live is remembrance of our sins and of death which resulted from the fall of our first parents.

Welcoming Minister Iryna Friz

The luncheon/fundraiser will begin at 12:00 Noon. in St. Michael’s church hall, 569 George St., New Haven. In addition to lunch, a brief concert will be presented. Brief remarks by Minister Iryna Friz will follow. There will be an update on the Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers Project and on the veterans` recent trip to Ukraine. All proceeds will be used to benefit Ukraine’s wouded soldiers and veterans. Tickets are $25.00 per person. Admission for youth under 18 is free.

We invite everyone to this special event. We ask for your support for Ukraine’s wounded heroes.

To reserve your ticket NOW, please contact

    • Fr. Iura Godenciuc at 203-865-0388,
    • Carl Harvey at 203-389-6076
    • Myron Melnyk at 203-397-2087