The Theophany Leap

Usually in the week before Theophany, the course readings of Scripture in the Divine Liturgy (the daily Epistles and Gospels) have to be adjusted, so that the Sunday of Zacchaeus (the 32th Sunday after Pentecost) is read the week before the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee. Because Pascha is so late in 2019 (April 21), this means that the Sunday of Zacchaeus is February 3, and so, on Monday, December 31, we adjust the calendar to repeat from the 28th Week after Pentecost. This will mean, of course, a number of repetitions on weekdays, but because of the special Sunday before and after Christmas and Theophany, there will be only one Sunday repetition (January 20). This is fine with me, after all, we cannot hear the gospels enough, but I know some pastors don’t like repetition, and will read the gospels from the Menaion rather than the course readings. They might also replace the one Sunday repetition with the Matthew Gospel of the Caanite Woman (Matthew 15:21-28). The Greeks and Melkites regularly do this.                                        (DPetras)