Blessed Basil Hopko, martyr

During the Prague Spring the Czechoslovak government legally cleared Hopko on 13 June 1968 and the Prešov Eparchy was restored. However, activists insisted that a Slovak bishop be appointed to the see, and the Vatican named the Slovak priest Ján Hirka as Hopko’s successor.

Hopko died at age 72 in 1976. On 14 September 2003 Pope John Paul II beatified him at a ceremony in Bratislava, Slovakia. (Source: JMT)


Guide to orthodoxy, teacher of piety and holiness,
luminary for the world,
inspired adornment of bishops,
O wise Basil, harp of the Spirit,
you enlightened all by your teachings;
intercede with Christ our God to save our souls.


Divinely-wise Basil, you practiced self-control,
and stilled the desires of the flesh, O holy Father.
You flourished in faith and flowered like the tree of life in Paradise.

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